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About Company

Russian company "Termo-Kont MK" was established in 1999 has been developing serial production modern medical equipment thermocontainers, electronic thermo-indicators and thermo-recorders for "Cold Chain" suppling thermounstable and public products.

Since the company was founded, we carefully developed and research different types of thermocontainers and thermo-bags, discovered systems monitoring of temperature for transportation and storage thermounstable product, participated in international conferences and proudly can name ourselves high-class specialists in the Cold Chain.

Our production is demand in Russia and in the international market. We supply different types of our containers in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Eritrea, Sudan, Jordan and other countries.

Nowadays, we also operate our solutions on the markets and exhibitions of the food and veterinary drugs.

Participation in demand international conferences and exhibitions as a presenter, organizer and sponsor, allow the company critically to approach the development of the recommends about providing temperature modes, which guarantee saving of the quality at all stages of its storage and transportation. The company presents high quality technic recourses to provide temperature storage conditions and product's transportation, including lines of thermocontainers reusable and single use. Used in the production of unique technology and only high-quality materials allow our products give our clients modern requirements and norms.

Containers (thermo-bags and thermo-boxes) types: TM-8, TM-35, TM-52 in 2004 are registered in a special laboratory of World Health Organization (WHO) and are included in the catalog of WHO/United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF).
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