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Results of the Company's Practical Activities

  1. Recommendations have been prepared to exclude cases of freezing of thermounstable drugs when using cold passive accumulators (ice packs) and to ensure a long duration of cold exposure for temperature conditions not lower than 0 ° С and not higher than 10 ° С or not lower than 2 ° С and not higher than 8 ° С at transportation of drugs to regions with adverse climatic conditions.

  2. Recommendations have been developed that allow drug suppliers to make a comparative assessment of the suitability and economic feasibility of purchasing thermocontainers from different manufacturers, based on the estimated time of transportation, climatic conditions and the volume of products intended for customers.

  3. Successfully conducted tests to ensure remote temperature control in transport using electronic temperature recorders, the current cellular (satellite) communications system and Internet channels.

  4. Developed and submitted for consideration to the Ministry of Health and Social Development on the creation in the Russian Federation of a unified system of continuous and documentary monitoring of compliance with temperature regimes during the transportation of thermounstable drugs based on the use of technical equipment certified in authorized laboratories of the Russian Federation or in laboratories of other countries according to methods agreed with WHO / UNICEF.
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